• Come and learn a martial art that can give you the skills to defend yourself.

  • Fostering Self-Discipline, Boosting Socialization Skills, Encouraging Physical Activity, Learning to Set and Achieve Goals, Increased Self-Esteem, Instilling a Sense of Respect, Encouraging Non-Violent Conflict Resolution, Improving Listening, Developing Teamwork Skills, Improvement in Other Areas of Life

Ju Jutsu meaning Gentle Art is a martial art method based on the traditional styles of Jiu Jitsu that originated and developed in medieval Japan.

The core of the art comprises a system of throws, joint locks and strikes with and without weapons.

Judo meaning Gentle Way is a martial art a method of defending oneself or fighting without the use of weapons, based on jiu jitsu but differing from it in banning dangerous throws and blows and stressing the athletic or sport element.

Jitsu and Judo are based on the principal of using an aggressor's energy to their own disadvantage, the skills can be used by men, women and children to counter aggressive situations ranging from unwanted harassment to armed physical assault.

Suitable for ages 5 and up with all levels of physical fitness and abilities.



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